Fear of Public Speaking

This week Orlando anxiety counselor Amy V. Smith shares her own personal fears of public speaking and offers 10 suggestions for overcoming these fears. Are you someone who gets nervous when you have to speak in front of others?  Do you avoid public speaking at all costs? Have you ever missed out on an opportunity […]

A Walk in the Park

This week Orlando therapist Juliana Ochoa share how something as simple as a walk in the park can be a way to strengthen your brain against anxiety and depression. Research shows there are psychological and physical benefits to exercising. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals and balances neurotransmitters in the brain, helping reduce anxiety and depression. How […]

Understanding Trauma

This week Orlando trauma therapist Kelli Skorman talks about how childhood trauma can effect us and the hope that comes from receiving trauma therapy.   Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or simply not yourself? Do you find yourself avoiding situations that could trigger flashbacks of a past event?  Your feelings may be explained by a […]

Depression: It May Not Look Like You’d Expect

Depression often goes unrecognized by the individual experiencing it and those around them. This week Orlando counselor Risa Bos, MA, LMHC shares the symptoms of depression and some tips for preventing depression from taking a stronghold on one’s life. We are sad as a society.  Many of us feel weighed down by the demands of […]

5 Ways to Improve Communication and Connection with Teenagers

The parent/teen relationship can be a challenging path to navigate.  This week Orlando Child Therapist Jessica Conaway shares 5 ways you can improve communication and increase connection with your teenager. Many Parents struggle to get through to their teenagers. They often describe their teens as being from another planet due to barriers in the communication […]

Two Simple Word Changes to Make Life Easier

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches tools for breaking problems down into smaller parts and changing negative thought patterns resulting in greater life satisfaction .  This week Orlando Therapist Krista Bringley discusses how word choice impacts our motivation to follow through on goals and how to get started on a path toward more productive self-talk. If you’ve been feeling defeated or […]

Support and Community Could Be the Missing Piece to Lasting Change

Support and Community could be the missing piece to lasting change. This week Tracy Rickard, Orlando Women’s Stress-Reset Wellness Coach explains how authentic understanding can be the key to reaching your health and happiness goals. I recently watched a video that rang SO true for me that I couldn’t wait to share my big ‘Aha’ moment […]

Addiction: The Secret Shame

    It’s been called “the monkey on your back” and other phrases that suggest the seemingly unshakeable hold of addiction.  Just when you think you’ve kicked it, it’s back again and you find yourself discouraged, full of shame and even hopeless.  Alcoholism and addiction are an epidemic in our society, with people falling into self-medicating […]

Help, My Marriage is in Trouble!

This week Cindy Fabico, founder of Life Skills Resource Group discusses the 4 signs that one or both partners  are withdrawing from the relationship and how seeing a trained marriage counseling professional can restore the connection that feels like it has been lost. At Life Skills Resource Group, we have three Orlando marriage counselors who focus […]

Volunteering- It Does the Brain and Body Good

Orlando counselor  Amy Smith shares her thoughts about how volunteering does the brain and body good. Did you know that giving back does the brain and body good?  Well it does. While there are many studies attesting to this fact, I can tell you first hand that volunteering has helped me personally be happier and […]

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