🙏🏻 How do you set up your day???

Cindy Fabico,

Having a set of daily practices to prepare for what life presents can have a miraculous effect on our capacity for life mastery. 

8 Daily Practices for overall well-being 🙌

1. Make a commitment to faithfully dedicate at least 60 days to formulate & consistently execute a set of of daily practice connecting you to your higher self.

2. Identify your WHY?? To be successful at any endeavor, consistent effort is required. Having a clear sense of the “why” keeps you on track.

3. Schedule a time. Seems obvious but this is one of the biggest pitfalls for  the most well intentioned. “Real” life can get in the way of creating your best life.

4. Develop an accountability system. Another step that seems obvious & a huge stumbling block for many. A journal, a planner, a checklist, a whiteboard – find what works best for you!

5. Identify YOUR rituals in support of mental, physical, spiritual and relational health. For me this looks like: PHYSICAL: nourishment, hydration & movement. MENTAL: gratitude, prioritization, meditation, journaling. SPIRITUAL: wisdom readings, language of intention, meditation, mindfulness. RELATIONAL: connection time, plans for fun and adventure, self care. 

6. Practice, Practice, Practice.

7. Reassess, make adjustments, fine tune.

  8. Give yourself LOTS of grace!                     

Growing into who we are is our life’s purpose & sustainable growth requires the ability to try & “fail”.  Every misstep is just an opportunity for a new step. 
You get to make this dance 💃 up as you go.

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