Stop the Brain Drain

Wish you could find the energy to do the things that used to make you happy? Feeling like life is passing you by while you struggle to keep your head above water? Can’t even remember what it was you really wanted to do with your life in the first place? At Life Skills Resource Group […]

Are you a Perfectionist?

In her book, The Care and Feeding of Perfectionists, Cynthia Curnan, Ph. D. states, “Every variety of perfectionism represents an attempt to maintain control.” Dr. Curnan has come up with a list of nine distinct kinds of perfectionism, with the belief that we all exhibit at lease three of these from time to time, with […]

Must Read List of 10 Rules for Couples When Fighting

Rule 1: Keep it private (no fighting in front of others). Rule 2: Schedule your arguments (ask for a time and place to discuss your differences). Rule 3: Stay on topic (don’t let the discussion turn into a dumping session). Rule 4: Allow Time Outs (when it gets intense or overwhelming). Rule 5: Limit the […]

A Goal Setting Team

Kim C. Murphy, MS Life Skills Resource Group Ok, so Tuesday I put some handouts in the lobby about goal setting in the New Year. To my surprise, they were all gone by the next day. Right now, it seems that the people of Orlando are ready to take a fresh look at where they’re […]