Choose to Get What You Need

Ok, so for the last couple of weeks I’ve been completely in love with Dr. William Glasser’s book entitled Take Charge of Your Life: How to Get What You Need with Choice Theory Psychology (2011). The front cover contains this quote by Dr. Phil McGraw (yes, Dr. Phil); “This book is a ‘game changer’ for […]

Why we need The Walking Dead

Be forewarned: I’m probably not the first person to think of these things, but I still hope you’ll find it interesting. The Walking Dead (or TWD) is my favorite show on tv, followed closely by Breaking Bad and Mad Men. As I watched the recent season finale, I wondered why it strikes such a cord […]

Happiness Quotient

Recently at LSRG someone told us about the web app called Illuum (, and we decided to check it out. Turns out, the app is pretty simple. As the homepage states, “Illuum is a new web app to track, study and improve your happiness…It gets you out of your head and shows you things you […]

Yoga Is Not to be Taken Lightly

Yoga’s a pretty straight forward, simple practice, right? It’s not dangerous like race car driving, whitewater rafting or bungee jumping. After all, there’s zero chance that during your yoga practice you’ll hit a wall at 191 miles per hour and burst into flames, capsize on slippery rocks and drown as you’re unceremoniously dragged upside-down by […]

No Unfinished Business, No Regrets

So, my beloved grandmother Clara died late this past Friday night-she always was a night owl. Clara was 90 years old, but she would have been 91 by St. Patrick’s Day. She once told me that her favorite movie was the Shawshank Redemption (also a favorite of mine). I just hope that at her age […]