My Child is Cutting, Now What?

You have just found out your child is cutting (also referred to as self-injury). You are likely feeling shocked, scared, angry, helpless, guilty, disappointed, and at a loss for words. You may be asking yourself, how could this happen? You may be looking at your teen and thinking…Why are you doing this? Are you doing […]

Angry Kids + Summer = No Fun

As any parent can attest, children often find it difficult to regulate their emotions, especially when it comes to anger. As they are learning (through personal experience and guidance from adults) to control their behavior by using healthy coping skills to deal with their emotions, they can experience some major bumps in the road. Often […]

Happiness Deferred Is Happiness Lost, So Cash In Now

On the show How I Met Your Mother, Neal Patrick Harris’ character Barney Stinton once said, “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead. TRUE STORY!” It’s hilarious… partly because Barney’s somewhat of a Narcissist and partly because it’s preposterous to mentally go from zero to sixty by flipping a switch, […]

Are you a candidate for group therapy?

Thinking about group therapy? Maybe your therapist has suggested that you would be a good candidate for group therapy. Perhaps you’ve been in a support group in the past and have some idea of how groups work. Or, does your understanding of group therapy come solely from seeing movies like 28 Days with Sandra Bullock, […]