Do or do not – there is no try!

This week I had a great conversation with Mona.  We were talking about the power of actually doing those things you have been wanting to do – how wonderful it feels.  I told her that I was feeling great because the night before I had gone to the gym after class, and I had really […]

Choosing Action Over Fear: Preparing for hurricanes (and storms of life) in Orlando

Have you ever noticed that sometimes people try to get us to do things by scaring us?  The “or else…”  sometimes feels omnipresent in our world.  I see it a lot in politics (on both sides), in the media, even just product advertising.  Sometimes we even do it to ourselves (“I’d better not eat that […]

How the heck do you meditate? (AKA Meditation, Trusting Yourself, and Mumford & Sons)

Ok, I know that meditation is good for me/us.  (Really, really good for us.  If you want to know more check this out.)  I know that I could use some meditation in my life.  But I don’t know how to meditate. I’ve considered buying a book.  But will a book really tell me how to […]

Birthdays and other milestones of life

This week was my birthday (it was lovely, thank you!) and it got me thinking. I decided to do some research on the psychology of birthdays.  I read about feeling grateful on birthdays, how birthdays can motivate us, how we can get “the birthday blues“, and making birthday wishes.  I read commentary on how our […]

What is wellness, really?

You might have noticed that May is Mental Health Month.  Mental Health America chose this year’s theme, which is wellness.  I feel like wellness is a word we frequently use, but don’t frequently think about.  So, let’s stop and think about it.  What is wellness?  What does it mean to you?  What do you feel […]