Identifying and Overcoming Codependency

Do you often find yourself letting another person’s feelings dictate how you feel? Do you find yourself dependent on your partner for your sense of well-being? If this sounds familiar then you might be showing signs of codependency within your relationship. Often times, we think of codependency in terms of substance abuse or addiction, but […]

“Hey It’s Time To Take A Break”

These past few weeks have been times of high stress for me. Having to balance work and school has been a struggle with the loads of school work I must accomplish. I’ve stayed up late at night trying to finish as much as I can, and used my weekends to finish up anything that was […]

Silencing your biggest critic – you.

A while back I wrote a blog about learning to accept criticism from others with open arms. Now when I say criticism, I specifically mean constructive criticism, the kind someone who cares about you will give not the mean, nasty and humiliating kind. Often times we focus on accepting other’s criticism, but never think about […]

Lisa Dion, MA, LPC , RPT-S: Stop ‘shoulding’ yourself

This audio clip, “stop ‘shoulding’ yourself” is from one of Lisa’s presentations at a Play Therapy Conference. Below is an excerpt from Lisa’s website,, on the benefits of when one stops “shoulding” themselves. “People are bombarded by millions of messages everyday about how to create the perfect life and what is “normal”, but unfortunately, much of […]