14 day “Say No” Challenge.

Are you someone who has a hard time telling others no? Well believe me when I say you are not alone. I also have an extremely hard time not saying yes when others ask me for something. I even will offer to do something before the individual even asks me, as I basically feel like […]

Learning to love yourself

When I first joined LSRG, I wrote a blog about Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, “Are you too critical of your body image?” Basically this campaign showed how harshly we criticize ourselves and our looks. In my blog I spoke about how we often describe ourselves in a more negative way than those around us, even […]

Learning to fight fairly

We all have had them – fights with partners. We also have had the unfair arguments that lead to all out fights! Being in a relationship, each partner must learn to handle conflict and those difficult moments among your relationship. How you handle the bad moments affects your relationship in general, such as parenting your […]