Distorted Thinking: What is it? How to get rid of it?

Do you find yourself focusing on the negative emotions all the time? Is your brain full of noise and you can’t have a clear thought? It may be time to get rid of this debris, but what exactly is clogging up your mind? Your faulty thoughts reinforcing your negative emotions, which then causes us to […]

Why group therapy?

We are excited to announce Cindy’s new and upcoming 12-week Process Oriented Group Therapy beginning Monday, August 17th! Sharing your personal experiences, feelings, and thoughts to one stranger, let alone a group of strangers can be extremely nerve-wracking and intimidating. But what many do not know is how beneficial and rewarding group therapy can be. […]

Has my relationship reached its expiration date?

In today’s world it can be hard to accept the end of a relationship. In a society where it seems like you MUST have a significant other to feel good about yourself, being single can seem like a total failure. But is it really a failure? Is an ended relationship truly a sign that you […]

I’m always exhausted…Why?

Ever have a week where it feels like no matter how much sleep you get, you are still completely exhausted? It happens to us from time to time, more for some individuals. We can often get stuck in a place of complacency when we  are comfortable with our routine, so we do not take steps […]