F YMonth: September 25, 2015

The Only 12 Principles You Need To Sustain A Loving Relationship

At times we may find ourselves wondering how to make our relationship last even at it’s worst days.  I found this article by Light Watkins, The Only 12 Principles You Need To Sustain A Loving Relationship, and loved it so much that I decided it would be better to post it rather than reinvent the wheel. The article is […]

Why Forgive Now?!

Forgiveness… something that you have been taught since a very young age and yet it is still hard to do all of the time. For some people the 3 words “I forgive you” are the hardest words to speak. And true forgiveness is hard. Often times we think that when we forgive someone it is […]

I want to look from a new perspective.

In my last blog I addressed overcoming and learning from our mistakes. In the blog I briefly discussed our tendency to beat ourselves up over making mistakes and refocusing our minds on growth rather than criticism. This week I thought it would be good to discuss ways in which we can change our perspective about […]