Boost your happiness and positivity

A friend recently asked me, “What’s the worst habit you’ve overcome?” “Besides eating chocolate for breakfast?” I joked. “That would be complaining.” I used to be an incessant complainer. When I was growing up, my mother blamed everything under the sun for not completing something or doing it wrong. Living with a parent who has a bad […]

Recovering from a bad day or week

Ever have one of those off weeks were you just want to press fast forward until the weekend is here? I am sure we have all have experienced this feeling before (maybe you experience this more than just once). This past week has been one of those weeks for me – all week long has […]

Adult Coloring, a growing trend

I love to color! As a child, I didn’t use coloring as my go to activity, however, as I got older and into college I began to “crave” coloring. It didn’t matter what the coloring book had to do with, it was about me being able to focus on something that was relaxing and carefree. […]

Hello from our newest counselor, Manijeh Sheik!

After many years of self-exploration and hard work, I am thrilled to be joining Life Skills Resource Group as a mental health counselor intern! I know my journey getting to this point wasn’t easy and I know it probably wasn’t easy for you to find me. I look forward to meeting you and walking with you […]

“The Explosive Child” Parenting Group

Based on the book “The Explosive Child” by Ross W. Greene “An explosive outburst—like other forms of maladaptive behavior—occurs when the cognitive demands being placed upon a person outstrip that person’s capacity to respond adaptively.” – Ross W. Greene Do you experience challenging behavior by your kid(s) such as screaming, swearing, crying, hitting, kicking, spitting, […]