Grief: Identify, Accept, Process

  Given the horrific tragedy that took place two weeks ago, I think it is very important for this weeks blog post to discuss grief. The feeling of grief, the process of grief, and the acceptance of grieving. I think it is also extremely important to acknowledge that not everyone grieves the same; nor should […]

Pushing Forward When You Feel Like Giving Up

  I think one of the hardest aspects about setting goals for yourself is that when you first visualize where you want to be, versus where you are, it can seem almost impossible that you will ever get there. It doesn’t really seem to matter how minuscule or immaculate the task at hand is… Whether you’re just starting to type out […]

Be Your Own Best Competitor

  Have you ever just felt like the world was against you? Felt like, no matter how much patience, time and effort you put into something, life still found a way to serve bad news to you on a silver platter? Even though we can understand that this isn’t the case when we are able […]