Welcoming Inner Peace

  Life often picks the most inconvenient times to throw curve balls at us… or, at least it can definitely feel that way.   But, that may be because we avoid doing something really important in times when things seem to be working against us… “Okay… so what is that important thing?”, you may be […]

Faith in New Beginnings

As I have mentioned in past blog posts, one of my favorite pass times is looking up old quotes, and of course, finding new ones. It’s so amazing to me how someone else’s own thoughts, own words, and own feelings can so closely resemble my own. The most fascinating part of this phenomenon is that […]

How to Live in the Present Moment

  More often than not, many of us get caught up in the idea of happiness as a destination. But, in reality, it’s the whole experience and journey of life that is happiness. Viewing happiness as a destination is like chasing waterfalls; you’re never going to obtain it; because happiness isn’t a place… it’s a state of […]

Making Yourself Your Number One Priority

One of the most common pieces of advice that you will hear from others is to make sure you do things for yourself. Put yourself first. Make yourself your “number one priority”. Because, if you do not take the best care of yourself, how can you properly aid others? For instance, if you have a […]