Understanding Self-Compassion

This week Orlando Counselor Cindy Fabico discusses the trance of unworthiness some fall into that leaves them feeling isolated and alone and how self-compassion can be a step in breaking the trance. By now most of you have at least heard the phrase self-compassion, but what is it really?  In the field of psychotherapy self-compassion […]

Fear of Public Speaking

This week Orlando anxiety counselor Amy V. Smith shares her own personal fears of public speaking and offers 10 suggestions for overcoming these fears. Are you someone who gets nervous when you have to speak in front of others?  Do you avoid public speaking at all costs? Have you ever missed out on an opportunity […]

A Walk in the Park

This week Orlando therapist Juliana Ochoa share how something as simple as a walk in the park can be a way to strengthen your brain against anxiety and depression. Research shows there are psychological and physical benefits to exercising. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals and balances neurotransmitters in the brain, helping reduce anxiety and depression. How […]