How to Help when a Natural Disaster Strikes in Another State

When a natural disaster hits we often ask, what can I do to help?  Living in Orlando Florida we have had our fair share of awful hurricanes.  Most of us know where to drive to drop off supplies, donate blood, or even donate our time.  But what can we do to help when the storm […]

Re-Writing Your Story After a Relationship Ends

Orlando Relationship Counselor Kelli Skorman shares her perspective on starting over after a relationship ends and how she helps her clients on their healing journey. The relationship ends. Despite if we wanted it to end or not, we must face the bittersweet truth that it is over.  I say “bittersweet” as it can be an […]

How to Keep Pushing for Change When the Road is Long

 Orlando therapist Krista Bringley, LMHC, discusses how to keep pushing for change when the road is long. There’s so much happening in the world and our country lately, and it’s emotional, heavy stuff. Even just thinking about this stuff can be exhausting, much less trying to take action. Of course issues don’t change without action, […]

Hope For Healing From Relationships That Hurt

Orlando Trauma Counselor Kelli Skorman shares the signs of toxic relationships, the effects on physical and emotional health and offers hope with 7 tips for moving forward with your life in a healthy and productive way. It is unfortunate, but what starts as a great relationship can sometimes turn toxic. Busy lives attending to children, careers, […]

6 Ways to Support Someone Who is Grieving

This week Orlando therapist Risa Bos shares a recent personal experience of supporting a friend after a difficult loss and offers 6 ways we can support one another through the grief journey. Death…it’s just a part of life.  It will happen to us all, whether by suffering the loss of those we love or going through […]