How to Reach Your Goals? Get Started!

Orlando Counselor Krista Bringley shares 4 action step you can quickly and easily take to move you in the direction of meeting goals and completing projects that you may have trouble getting started on. Do you have trouble getting started on a project or a goal, perhaps feeling paralyzed by how big it feels?  Is procrastination your middle name?  Perhaps you […]

The How, What, and Why of Counseling and Life Coaching

Recently I have been answering the phone at our office more often and find that some of the questions I get are: “what do you do there?”, “how do you help?”, “why should I come?”, and so I thought it would be worthwhile to write a bit about these topics. The Orlando Counselors and Life […]

Suicide Prevention: A New Conversation

  September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and our community comes together to promote suicide prevention awareness. Understanding and discussing issues surrounding suicide is an important way to help in prevention efforts and help those who struggle with mental health concerns. Suicide is not something that is easy to talk about, but if we know […]

Helping Children Prepare for a Hurricane

Preparing for a hurricane can be a stressful ordeal. You need to gather supplies, create a safety plan, and even consider the option of evacuation. Sometimes when we are busy providing for our physical needs we put aside our emotional ones. Children are just beginning to explore their emotions and can become easily overwhelmed during […]