F YMonth: December 29, 2018

So is Communication on your New Year’s Resolution Goals?

If you are like me, sometimes the things that come to mind quickest as New Year’s resolutions are things that are focused on me as an individual: getting back into my practice of running regularly, reading more, etc. But what about my relationships? What about my significant other, my family members, my friends? Is there […]

New Path For a New Year

We’re about to embark on a new year, which for many of us feels like a new opportunity to change patterns – to better ourselves. Lots of people do this through New Years resolutions. I’m sure you know the reputation of resolutions though – the joke is that the resolution might not even last a week […]

Excited to Begin with Life Skills!

    My name is Veronica Zazzaro and you may or may not have seen me write an occasional blog here before! I’ve been the assistant here at Life Skills for a few months now but I am excited to announce that I will be beginning my career as a counselor with this group as […]