F YMonth: February 27, 2019

Children and Grief

When a child experiences a death of a loved one or pet, they can feel and show their grief in different ways. How kids cope with the loss depends on things like their age, how close they felt to the person who died, and the support they receive. Children can express loss differently and there […]

Is This in My Highest Good?

Consider this question: Is this in my highest good? I want to invite you to consider trusting your intuition when making choices in your life. I think that too often when we make decisions, we can get into our heads and overthink them. If we practice slowing down and paying attention, we can feel what […]

Communication Skills Part 2

C At the beginning of the New Year I wrote a post about Communication and whether or not it might be part of your New Year’s resolutions. I started off a small series on communication that will review some of the tips and tricks for successful empathy, listening and speaking. I will continue to base […]

Dealing with the Cards We’re Dealt

Life isn’t fair. Far less fair to some than others, but unfortunately, none of us escape pain. None of us escape loss. Every one of us will know tragedy in our lives. Many of us experience this early on when we are far too young and helpless to control any of the variables around it. […]