F YMonth: March 29, 2019

Calming the Mind in Tumultuous Times

Stress and its burly cousin, anxiety, are no strangers to most of us.  It seems we are expected to keep up an unreasonable pace at our jobs, juggle multiple schedules within our families and wear many hats during a regular week.  We have so many things on our to-do list that our inner computer, (the […]

The Building Blocks to Your Child’s Self- Esteem

Every parent wants to have a child with great self esteem or a child who feels highly of themselves. The good news is that it starts with you (no pressure here at all), but in all seriousness your children become a reflection of you. They mimic our mannerisms and word phrases. I don’t have to […]

The Importance of Play

If you haven’t been around a young kid or a pet in awhile (or even if you have, but you’ve been focused on keeping them alive or other necessities), it is easy to forget about the importance and magic of play. We often think of play as something that’s just for kids, and even if […]

I Reject Your Apology

I have a pet peeve with the word, “sorry.” We use it too much and inappropriately. We apologize for our feelings, for talking about our thoughts, for having needs as human beings, and God forbid *insert the clutching of pearls* we ask to have those needs met! I’ve noticed it in sessions with clients – […]