F YMonth: May 31, 2019

Three Free Things You Can Do to Feel Better TODAY

Most Americans deal with or will deal with depression and anxiety at some point in their lives. 40 million adults every year suffer from one or the other, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America – and that’s only what is reported! While we always encourage that you seek help from a professional in […]

When You’re in Survival Mode

Are you in survival mode?  It happens to all of us sometimes. Whether you’re in survival because you’re a new parent getting not much sleep, it’s finals season, it’s crunch time at work, your family has been sick, or some other reason (or combination of!), right now is about getting through. Here are four ideas […]

Motherly Self-Talk: How to Nurture Your Soul

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it”- Mark Twain One of my favorite cartoons shows a picture of a huge auditorium.  The banner across the stage reads “Welcome Adult Children of Functional Families”.  In the audience are only two people! We’ve heard a lot about dysfunction […]

The Legacy From Mom

“Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story. Because hers is where yours begin.” ― Mitch Albom Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone: to all those who are forming an adult relationship with their mothers; to all of those who are about to become parents; to all of those who are caring for their aging […]

The Importance of Gratitude

My last post focused on practicing gratitude instead of constantly apologizing for being a human being with needs. I am still convinced this is an important skill to help all of us recognize our value and to build stronger relationships, but I think gratitude can be widened even further. When I learn to start practicing […]