F YMonth: November 25, 2019

Holiday Stress and Boundaries

The holidays are upon us! For many, this is a time of rest, relaxation, and time with family. For many though, this is a time fraught with tension and turmoil – some are not even welcome to come home. Normally, I would use this as an opportunity to remind people to take time to practice […]


Why does this meme tickle us so? Contrasting a Bank Robber DJ Preacher all contained in 3 concentric circles where the stark difference between words and meaning are elucidated (fancy word right ). What a lesson we can take from something so simple. Recently I have noticed a theme in my sessions and I’m in a […]

Assessing Yourself, Professionally

“Where are you professionally strong and talented?” I just read this question in a workbook I’m currently going though. And oof, I don’t know how to answer it. I find most of us struggle to talk about our professional skills and accomplishments. Most of us want to feel like we have purpose and we want […]

A Fresh Take on #Adulting

noun INFORMAL 1. the practice of behaving in a way characterized as a responsible adult. The term “adulting” is a fairly recent addition to colloquial English. The common understanding of this term is related to managing the mundane tasks of daily life with consistency. I recently attended a 3-day workshop with #MichelleChalfant to learn more […]