F YMonth: July 30, 2020

The 2020 Limbo (and how to bend yourself healthfully and shimmy under the pole)

Yes, this is a play on words since “limbo” is both a state of uncertain waiting AND a Caribbean group dance/game that encourages bending your body to clear the obstacle, (in this case the Limbo pole) testing your ability to bend backwards without falling, while being cheered and encouraged by the other participants. That last […]

Three Steps for Using Your Inner Critic as a Pathway to Authenticity

What if you saw your inner critic as a “self check” mechanism, spurring you to look more deeply at how you are conducting your life and how this may be out of alignment with your soul’s purpose; to love and be loved? What if you could learn to befriend this critical voice and shift it […]

Discover Your Passions in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

The searchIt was not that easy for me to find my new calling, my Passions. I considered myself successful with a good family life, an inspiring job, working for a prominent international organization helping children around the world. As I was helping other children around the world I was not fully present for my own children […]