F YMonth: November 24, 2020

Taking a Break from Anger

As we settle into the holiday season, and approach the merciful end of this bizarre, tumultuous year, it is more important than ever to show kindness and empathy. Never before has gratitude been a stronger force when there are so many who are in need. The stress and uncertainty of this dumpster fire of a […]

Focus on Love and Acceptance

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with COVID this year it may look a little different. Maybe instead of the large gathering you’ll decide to have a more intimate dinner with family or maybe the festivities will be held virtually this year, however you decide to celebrate one thing is for sure, we all […]

You Can, and should Trust Yourself

Here’s a scary thought: You’re all you have. Why would I say that?? Well for one, because it is fundamentally true. You probably have friends, family, a significant other. But as long as your feet stand on this earth, you are the only guaranteed constant presence. You may not like this thought. I didn’t for […]

12 daily actions for creating a life that feels amazing

I choose to be happy! I choose to have fun! I choose to work hard! I choose to help others! I choose to love and be loved! I choose …. life!Shockingly , I have come to deeply understand that I cannot make these life affirming choices without setting clear intentions for my day and then putting […]