F YMonth: February 27, 2021

When Self-Medicating Becomes Self-Destructive

Alcoholism and addiction are pandemic, keeping pace with and seeking to outrun the COVID pandemic, with people seeking relief from anxiety, uncertainty, depression and fear– to mask the underlying uncomfortable emotions in an attempt to make it through difficult times. It’s often called “the monkey on your back” to use a colorful metaphor describing something […]

How can Risk Taking Offer Rewards?

“Yes risk taking is inherently failure prone. Otherwise it would be called sure-thing-taking”.       -Tim McMahon I saw a cat perched atop my garage this morning and thought, “that looks scary!”, “how will he gets down?”, “is he regretting his decision?”, “if he gets down will he reconsider before doing it again?”. Risk-taking is […]

Finding Your Inner Super Hero

Has anyone else noticed the recent surge in the popularity of Wonder Woman and superheroes in general?   I don’t mean the movies as much as what the characters symbolize. Super Heroes represents strength, courage, truth, character, and justice. Something we can all use a little bit more of in our lives, especially as we […]