F YMonth: April 30, 2021

Anxiety and the Return to Normal Life

Well, we’re nearing the light at the end of this COVID tunnel and slowly making adjustments toward re-engaging in normal life. That’s great, right?  (cue blood curdling scream)  Hang on a minute… While many people may be champing at the bit to “get back out there” and resume normal life: going back to the office, […]

YOU are NOT what you FEEL!

One of the lessons that life has given me seemingly unlimited opportunities to learn is that when I identify too strongly with a difficult feeling I can create a powerful experience of personal suffering. Science has not yet fully sorted out whether depression and anxiety are biological or learned behaviors but that doesn’t really matter […]

Positive Thinking & Positive Affirmations

So often we think in terms of negatives: I don’t want to be poor in my older age, I don’t want to fight with my kids, I don’t want my boss to be angry with me, and on and on. Problem is, the filters inside your brain are assessing everything you think about, and don’t necessarily take into account the “don’t” […]