A Deep Need for Women’s Self-Care

Self-care can be the one thing missing in so many women’s lives. This week Tracy Rickard, Orlando Women’s Stress-Reset Wellness Coach explains how authentic understanding can be the key to reaching your health and happiness goals.
Tracy Rickard, HHC, LMT, RYT
Health Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher
 I want to share something truly connected to my heart today. Since being on my own journey, and hearing from my clients, I’ve come to realize how important the right support and authentic understanding is when making changes in life and health. Taking better care of ourselves can be isolating and lonely at times, especially if many people in our core circles are not on the same journey.

According to The American Psychological Association “women report higher stress than men, are more likely to feel that stress on the rise, and experience more extreme stress. 25% of women state their stress is at an 8 or higher on a 10 point scale, versus 16% of men stating it is at an 8 or higher. Plus, women are more likely to overeat in response to stress compared with men.

The biggest takeaway I had from a previous group I did with women was the tight-knit community we felt. My fellow ladies said it was motivating and comforting to know there were also other women there ready to take the leap and make their health and happiness a priority. Having others on the journey with them helped it not feel so daunting and scary.

I’m excited to announce I’m in the process of welcoming women into my Self-Care Sister Circle Group at Life Skills Resource Group.

It is a continuous monthly local women’s gathering on the 2nd Wednesday of each month to connect to the 4 main levels of empowerment through body, mind and emotional self-care practices.  On top of the deep connection and support, I’m ready to hold and empower courageous women to find peace and ease in their daily lives, feel a sense of hormonal harmony in their bodies, and create sustainable body, mind, and emotional well-being.

The first sister circle starts on June 14th. Ten (10) women are welcomed into each monthly group. If this experience is calling you, and you would like more information on the possibility of joining the group you can find it here: bit.ly/orlandosistercircle

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Tracy Rickard