Being single & HAPPY, regardless of what society says

Being single & HAPPY, regardless of what society says

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With Valentine’s Day in just a short week, the stores and media will be flooded with relationship and love topics. For those who are single, February 14th is a dreaded day. It is a reminder that we are not living up to the American standard of being in a relationship. And according to the media, the only way to be happy is to be in a relationship. But if you ask me, with the growing divorce rate within our country, this could be anything but true.

Just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Valentine’s Day, or a happy life in general. Rather than focusing on not having that partner and all the spiraling thoughts that come with it, focus on yourself. Take that time to think about why you love yourself, why you are happy with who you are, and why you aren’t just going to settle for someone who isn’t right for you just because you want a person in your life.

Firstly, you want to shower yourself with love, well because you deserve it. You don’t have to miss out on any of life’s adventures because you’re single. Don’t focus on the things you may not have, but rather focus on all the things you do haveLove starts within you. So feel that love. Adore yourself. Cherish yourself. Honor yourself.

Next, think about all the love in your life – your family, friends, even pets. You can also think about the love that surrounds you in the world. Sunsets, the smell of your favorite flowers, the taste of chocolate, lighting candles and listening to your favorite music – all of these things can and will bring you love. Fall in love with life!


Remind yourself of all the positives that come with being single. Appreciate it. While I know this can be a hard one for some, think about what you can’t do when you’re in a relationship. You may even want to think back to a time when you weren’t single and the things you wish you could’ve done when you did have someone in your life. Or things your taken friends miss out on due to being in a relationship. This isn’t to focus on relationships being bad. It is more to remind yourself that being single isn’t bad.

Always remember that love comes from within. You must learn to love yourself fully before you are able to love someone else. Finally, ask yourself these questions: How can I celebrate loveWhat am I grateful for? What joys do I get from life right now? What love am I giving to the world? What love am I giving to myself?

If you are feeling lonely or having a hard time letting go of your expectations, it may help to have someone join you on your journey. give us a call at Life Skills Resource Group Orlando at 407-355-7378 to set up a free phone consultation. Our Orlando Individual Counselors, Orlando Couples Counselors, and our Orlando Marriage Therapists would be happy to sit down with you (and your significant other) to help you along this journey.