When Life Feels Messy

“Change is beautiful when we are brave enough to evolve with it.“ -Bryant McGill My life can feel very messy sometimes. Actually it can feel that way fairly often because life IS inherently messy. Messy doesn’t mean broken or bad or hopeless. Messy is normal. If I think about it, I realize that any expectation […]

A Therapists Go To Parenting Books

As a therapist who works with kids from 5 years old on up, clients are often asking me for good parenting books to read. So I figured I would put together a list.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.  However, I do reference these books every week.  I have also listed a few […]

The Resilience of Humanity

“Thoughts are energy and you can make your world or break your world by your thinking.” – Susan Taylor It is impossible to see or hear “9/11” and not be reminded of where you were and what that was like as it was happening.  Since this edition of the Life Skills Resource Group newsletter falls […]

Busyness is the Greatest Distraction from Living

“Busyness is the greatest distraction from living, as we coast through our lives day by day, showing up for our obligations but being absent from ourselves, mistaking the doing for the being.” —Maria Popva I’v been known to tell others about how busy I am. I’ve been known to take on more than I can […]

How creating BALANCE results in THRIVING

How creating BALANCE results in THRIVING When life is in BALANCE there is a feeling of effortless flow where all things are possible. This is THRIVING! It is so easy to lose our balance and feel overtaken by a sense that all that is possible is making it day to day. This is surviving. Balance doesn’t […]

The 2020 Limbo (and how to bend yourself healthfully and shimmy under the pole)

Yes, this is a play on words since “limbo” is both a state of uncertain waiting AND a Caribbean group dance/game that encourages bending your body to clear the obstacle, (in this case the Limbo pole) testing your ability to bend backwards without falling, while being cheered and encouraged by the other participants. That last […]

Three Steps for Using Your Inner Critic as a Pathway to Authenticity

What if you saw your inner critic as a “self check” mechanism, spurring you to look more deeply at how you are conducting your life and how this may be out of alignment with your soul’s purpose; to love and be loved? What if you could learn to befriend this critical voice and shift it […]

Discover Your Passions in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

The searchIt was not that easy for me to find my new calling, my Passions. I considered myself successful with a good family life, an inspiring job, working for a prominent international organization helping children around the world. As I was helping other children around the world I was not fully present for my own children […]

Actions Steps Toward Antiracism

Action steps Toward Antiracism What is antiracism, you might ask, and how does it different from just not being racist? The answer lies in the level of action versus passivity. Not being a racist is passive. You have your beliefs, and those are great, but you don’t take any action, which leaves the status quo as is: […]

Expanding Your Window of Tolerance

Most of us have experiences where we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control or (alternatively) completely despondent, lacking motivation, and frozen. It can even feel like we have no control over ourselves or our feelings in these moments! This is particularly true if a person has a history of overwhelming, challenging, or traumatic experiences. There […]

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