Assessing Yourself, Professionally

“Where are you professionally strong and talented?” I just read this question in a workbook I’m currently going though. And oof, I don’t know how to answer it. I find most of us struggle to talk about our professional skills and accomplishments. Most of us want to feel like we have purpose and we want […]

A Fresh Take on #Adulting

noun INFORMAL 1. the practice of behaving in a way characterized as a responsible adult. The term “adulting” is a fairly recent addition to colloquial English. The common understanding of this term is related to managing the mundane tasks of daily life with consistency. I recently attended a 3-day workshop with #MichelleChalfant to learn more […]

Living in Uncertainty

The fear, anxiety and uncertainty that we are experiencing as a nation right now is our greatest challenge –physically, financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Many are living in a state of uncertainty about their health, safety, wealth and future well being.  In life we have basically two psychological ways of responding: reactive or responsive.  The […]

Fall Back to Move Forward

“The Sage is occupied with the unspoken and acts without effort. Teaching without verbosity, producing without possessing, creating without regard to result, claiming nothing, the Sage has nothing to lose.” – Tao Tê Ching When you boil it all down, we as humans desire the same three things no matter who we are, where we […]

Do You Find Yourself Trapped in Being “Nice” or “Too Nice”?

For those who don’t know, I spend a lot of time working with men and women who have experienced trauma – both singular traumatic events, prolonged toxic relationships, recurrent abuses, and lack of atunement with caregivers during early childhood. Inevitably part of our work focuses on helping them re–establish boundaries that have been lost, or […]

Life Skills Resource Group Welcomes Elena Sledge!

Hi, my name is Elena Sledge and I am excited to be working with Life Skills Resource Group! My journey to becoming a therapist really started when I first became a client at age 19. In college I began to see how much others around me were suffering. Life felt confusing and complicated and depressing […]

The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

“The fragile line between confidence and arrogance is humility.” -Norman E. Bowie & Meg Schneider, Business Ethics for Dummies There’s been a lot of focus lately on confidence and self–esteem – and confusion blurring the lines of confidence and bullying.  I’ve always promoted self-confidence and self–awareness as being essential to authenticity.  When you know who […]

The Benefits of Meditation, and How to Get Started

When we hear the word “meditation” many of us have images of a robe-clad monk sitting cross-legged for hours on end in silence and stillness. While this can be one method of meditation for some, there are in fact many different ways to meditate, and you don’t have to be a monk, or sit cross-legged, or wear robes to do […]

Finding our Identities

It is not possible for a small child to say “no” to the pressure to adopt an identity. Growing up, other people tell us who we are and who we need to be. We get older and start to grapple with the identities given to us. We find we are not in tune with ourselves […]

A Shift in Perspective

It’s so easy to feel down on ourselves or beat ourselves up for something that doesn’t go as well as planned. Whether you were shooting for the moon and landed among the stars (so you’re able to remind yourself to feel good about where you got) or feel like you missed the entire galaxy, a […]

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