Focus on Love and Acceptance

Focus on Love and Acceptance

Jessica Conaway, MS, LMHC

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with COVID this year it may look a little different. Maybe instead of the large gathering you’ll decide to have a more intimate dinner with family or maybe the festivities will be held virtually this year, however you decide to celebrate one thing is for sure, we all need to take a breath and enjoy some turkey and dessert this year! This year has divided the nation both politically and its handling of Covid.

How do we set those issues down for the holiday and focus on healing a divide. Most everyone has strong opinions this year on just about everything. It makes sense that we are all passionate about these topics because there is a lot at stake. But lets not go into Thanksgiving with the mission to change someone’s mind. The media has been showing polarized messaging all year, and social media as well. Its not about the lack of information and we probably are not going to change their mind on bigger topics. That’s ok.

Focus on Love and Acceptance- Look at the overall character of your loved ones. Remind your self of all the ways you share connection and similarities. We all deep down have more in common than different. Be kind in all things, but its ok to set boundaries too. If you know that tempers rise when Grandma brings up religion or politics, Its ok to say “I love you, but lets talk about something else. I really wanted to share with you about X.”

Season the meal with gratefulness. This year has been hard on everyone, some more than others, but we are here. There’s magic in that, and hope.

If the divide is too big and the wounds too deep. Therapy is a great way to heal the wounds within yourself in order to connect with healthy people in your life. You deserve love and connection because you are worthy! Call today for your free consultation 407-355-7378.