Mindful Mama Alert

  Mindfulness can empower you to experience a greater sense of joy and satisfaction in the simplest of acts. How many times do we find ourselves making dinner, answering the phone, throwing clothes in the laundry and everything else in between all at the same time; mindlessly going from task to task without really engaging in […]

Living Mindfully!

I have found that one of the greatest things I can help my clients with is how to live mindfully – fully embracing the present moment and using the experiences around them for grounding. By fostering a mindful approach to the world, we increase our appreciation for everyday beauty and become less activated by distressing […]

Using creativity to change your life

Back in October, I wrote a blog about Adult Coloring being a growing trend. Coloring has been shown to have amazing affects on our lives, from reducing anxiety and stress to increasing concentration and focus. But coloring alone isn’t the only way for individuals to gain these benefits. Increasing one’s creativity, whether it is through painting, […]