Mindful Mama Alert

  Mindfulness can empower you to experience a greater sense of joy and satisfaction in the simplest of acts. How many times do we find ourselves making dinner, answering the phone, throwing clothes in the laundry and everything else in between all at the same time; mindlessly going from task to task without really engaging in […]

School Refusal in Children

Children have a tendency, every once in a while, to not want to go to school. School is not often thought of as an enjoyable experience and more often associated with work. This is normal part of development if it doesn’t occur frequently, if it doesn’t cause your child extreme distress, or cause chaos in […]

5 Ways to Improve Communication and Connection with Teenagers

The parent/teen relationship can be a challenging path to navigate.  This week Orlando Child Therapist Jessica Conaway shares 5 ways you can improve communication and increase connection with your teenager. Many Parents struggle to get through to their teenagers. They often describe their teens as being from another planet due to barriers in the communication […]