Mindful Mama Alert

  Mindfulness can empower you to experience a greater sense of joy and satisfaction in the simplest of acts. How many times do we find ourselves making dinner, answering the phone, throwing clothes in the laundry and everything else in between all at the same time; mindlessly going from task to task without really engaging in […]


  When I decided I wanted to share a list of affirmations, Louise Hay was the first person who came to mind. Louise dedicated most of her life teaching others how to live a full and empowered life. She believed the use of daily positive affirmations could create a more full and happy life. I […]

Happiness Deferred Is Happiness Lost, So Cash In Now

On the show How I Met Your Mother, Neal Patrick Harris’ character Barney Stinton once said, “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead. TRUE STORY!” It’s hilarious… partly because Barney’s somewhat of a Narcissist and partly because it’s preposterous to mentally go from zero to sixty by flipping a switch, […]