Change For a Better Life

Sometimes when we feel like things aren’t going our way, we automatically assume the defensive position. We think that the world is working against us, or that “things never go my way”! And then, in turn, we start to make this a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you’re going to have a horrible day, you will. If you believe that someone is going to irritate you, they will! Because you already have this mentality, you’re not allowing things to go right… In reality, there is no “outside force” that is out to get us, and the universe isn’t waiting for us to fall on our faces. We are ultimately in control of the situations we find ourselves placed in, even if we weren’t necessarily the ones who got ourselves there to begin with.


So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, it is really important to focus on the implementing tips and tricks that can help you change this negative mindset; and, that can help guide you back to a more uplifting one!


But, how can we work on altering this negative mindset and bring ourselves back to a state of happiness and a mindset of being ready to take on the world again?


I found an article titled, 10 Ways to Cultivate a Positive Mindset and Change Your Life, by Eddy Baller on Tiny Buddha, that I really believe is helpful for days/moments/situations that can otherwise bring us down…

1. Seek Positive friends– A negative social circle will act as an echo chamber for bad ideas. A positive social circle will also act as an echo chamber, but one that supports your dreams, so choose your friends carefully.

2. Challenge your thoughts When old thinking comes up, as it will, it’s not enough to try and ignore it. We need to challenge our beliefs.

3. Consume positive media– “Positive media” is anything that emphasizes the good in life, or how to improve our living standards and the living standards of others.

4. Volunteer– Volunteering to help other people can make a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and your view of the world.


5. Abstain from all “bad news.”– We can’t change the bad things happening at any given moment, but if we put our attention into things we can change, our lives will improve.

6. Write out your action plan– This is about looking at the possibilities and then doing something to make it happen. Forward thinking will move your focus away from where you don’t want to be to where you could be.

7. Adopt a healthy lifestyle– A healthy body will support a healthy mind.

8. Send thank you notes– The simple gesture of sending a thank you note can be empowering. Not only does it feel good, a thank you note creates goodwill in other people.

9. Create a morning mindset routine– A great way to start the day is by making a mental list of each thing we’re looking forward to; it creates a feeling of anticipation and excitement that creates momentum for the entire day.

10. Write a wins checklist– So you started on good note; now finish on a great note by making a mental list of the day’s wins.


Implementing these 10 simple steps into your day, could really help make all the difference! If you liked the content of this blurb as much as I did, please click here to get redirected to the full article.


– Virginia Johnson


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