The How, What, and Why of Counseling and Life Coaching

Recently I have been answering the phone at our office more often and find that some of the questions I get are: “what do you do there?”, “how do you help?”, “why should I come?”, and so I thought it would be worthwhile to write a bit about these topics.

Cindy Fabico, MA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The Orlando Counselors and Life Coaches of Life Skills Resource Group do the work we do because we want to participate in making peoples’ lives and relationships better in some way. This may involve helping people: find peace of mind or joy in living, repair ruptured relationships, become more effective parents, learn how to cope with interpersonal situations that are not fixable, make some hard choices for the long-term good, or clarify and develop strategies to achieve specific life goals. Counseling and life coaching cannot provide solutions to all of life’s challenges, but there can be amazing benefit from accessing the resources of our trained professionals.

Although we have all learned similar psychological theories or life coaching approaches, each of us at Life Skills Resource Group in Orlando uses our education and training in our own unique way. Clients are also an active part of the process. Counselors and life coaches contribute certain skills and understandings to the therapeutic encounter, but we are not the “experts” who prescribe what to do and how to do it, while the client passively receives that information. Clients already have their own strengths and skills to contribute. The therapeutic journey involves a co-creative dynamic that emerges from the interaction of each client and each practitioner.

Many people who seek counseling or life coaching do so because they are sad, worried, confused, feel overwhelmed, stuck, or somehow derailed in their lives. They may be trying to adjust to a loss (of a loved one, a job, a role, independent functioning, health, their sense of value). Counseling and life coaching are not just about solving problems, or helping alleviate distress, though. People can choose to come in because they want to grow and more fully develop themselves and their life potential. Reaching out for professional support reflects a desire and commitment to make life better.

As Counselors and Life Coaches at Life Skills Resource Group in Orlando, we offer you our knowledge, our skills and our ability to hear you and be present with you. We want to help create a special place that allows you to come to know yourself in fresh ways and to develop new capacities.

We invite you to start your journey by giving us a call to 407-355-7378 and we will talk with you about what is coming up in your life and which of our Counselors or Life Coaches is best suited to assist you, and arrange a FREE Phone Consultation with them. Know that we are honored by your choice to share your life stories with us and to let us walk some of your life journeys with you. We are each dedicated to doing our best for you.