Garrett Fabico

Garrett Fabico

Maybe you’ve seen me or have heard my voice, but probably not much of both at the same time. My name is Garrett Fabico, and Cindy Fabico, founder of Life Skills Resource Group, is my mother. It’s been that way since 1988. Recently though, she also became my employer and I became her loyal desk jockey; answering phone calls and filing papers three or four days a week at the Life Skills Resource Group Counseling and Life Coaching office to supplement my ongoing education as a psychology major at the University of Central Florida (bonus: Karen Walsh, a Life Coach here, was also my fourth grade teacher—I’ve never called her Karen).

My passion for counseling and psychology has stemmed from a number of influencing factors, paramount among them being my six years’ experience as a summer camp counselor at San Pedro Retreat Center. My most cherished memories in life—times when I’ve truly felt good about who, where, and why I was—are of penetrating and cathartic conversations with returning campers that have sought my counsel. In fact, the summer of 2010 will be my first since about twelve-years-old without San Pedro a part of it.

At a still youthful twenty-one years of age, I believe that I can still recall with reasonable accuracy what growing up really felt like. Perhaps most importantly, though, I am still young enough to be unaffected by the mild senility that seems to muddy peoples’ perspectives on the things we carry from growing up into adulthood. I like to look at it as connecting the dots. When you’re a child or young adult (or man-child), you’ve only got so many dots to connect: it is easy to see how the line from point one made its way around to point eighteen to form a picture. When you’re a grown adult, you’ve got a whole lot of dots: dots that weren’t there when you went to sleep the night before, dots that your child or significant other hasn’t told you about yet, and dots that you really don’t want anymore. A perfect picture would be an unnatural one. As children and young adults, misplacing or misconnecting dots simply cannot be avoided; often times though (and this is where the problem lies), we carry these faulty dots with us into adulthood where our pictures become portraits, and our underlying, erroneous dots render it unrecognizable. And that is the role of the counselor: to assure that when you connect your dots, the you that you see is a person that you know and love.

The power of counseling is a reality that many people never recognize, while discontent is a temporary reality that many people never recognize their power over. Sometimes, a nudge in the right direction is all that you, a family member, or a loved one need. Start today.

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