Discover Your Passions in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

Discover Your Passions in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

Mona El Alaoui
Certified Professional Life Coach

The search
It was not that easy for me to find my new calling, my Passions. I considered myself successful with a good family life, an inspiring job, working for a prominent international organization helping children around the world. As I was helping other children around the world I was not fully present for my own children and the feeling of guilt took over. My children would literally tell me, mom you are helping the children around the world and not us. Needless to say how small I felt. I cried, I was torn between my personal life, my children and the other noble cause I was pursuing. I started a burn out and a hidden depression. The big red lights, I needed a break, I was not sure how to stop with all the responsibilities I had, I thought I was indispensable. I would later realize that no one is Indispensable, especially at work, our ego wants us to feel that way, but it is not the case. I love this quote “the graveyard is full of people who once thought they were indispensable”. Maybe Charles de Gaulle but there is a debate around who said it first. Fast forward a couple of years later my husband was promoted. With The promotion came the move from Switzerland to the US. I initially resisted then thinking about my children I accepted the move. I negotiated 2 years leave without pay from my job, and took a leap of faith.Now I am all wired to take care of our children, be fully present and make it up for them.

The first 6 months I was in awe, excited and joyful, I loved every minute we spent together, I enjoyed the cooking, the outings, the conversations, the pick ups and drop off, the games, activities all of it. A year later as my children were more settled in school, having new friends and being busy with their own activities I started feeling bored, sometimes even burned out, I lost the enthusiasm and found myself wondering about my life, my purpose, my passions. I would often wake up, get on with my day like an automat, brush my teeth, make breakfast ,the bed, take care of business, get dressed leave the house, go to the gym, doing doing doing ?  The little voice in my head was constantly there saying and what’s next ? So what? I had to face myself once more. It was frightening for me to admit that I was not were I thought I would be, my plan had failed me, I thought I would be totally fulfilled and happy if I had some time off and dedicate it to my children and family, if I had time for shopping, meeting new people, cooking, entertaining just doing all these simple things I didn’t have time to do or had to plan in the midst of my hectic demanding job.I realized that it was even more important at this stage for me to be more honest with myself and admit that despite being fulfilled with my family life, I was not living fully in accordance to my true self. That’s when I started looking for help and embarked on a journey with a Life Coach.We did all the work, under her guidance we defined where I was and where I wanted to be in the various areas of my life.I am very grateful for that time, it was transformative. Today I am guiding others uncovering their passions, giving more meaning to their lives, making sense of everything and waking up every day excited to serve, living a purposeful life. I use one of the most amazing tools to help people from all walks of life clarify their passions.The process has been life changing for me, because when I was crystal clear on what my passions were, my whole experience of life transformed.Today I want to share with you the 5 steps I started with to find my top Passions and live a more balanced and fulfilled life.

1 -Define what Passion means to me 
To me Passions are the things that matter most to me, brighten my day. They are the things I would do even if I was not paid to do them, those that make me cry of joy or empathy, the things that rock my day one side or the other, the things that motivate me to wake up in the morning and do what I do. Now your turn: What is your definition of Passion ?

2-Get help to Make sense of my Passions
Honestly I tried to make sense of all the things I loved but it was all meddled in my head.I started asking for help and consulting with my husband, friends, family, raid so many books, attended workshops, etc.. I got even more confused each had their own definition, their own way of defining my happiness.This is when I decided for the first time in my life to seek guidance from an unbiased source, someone who knew nothing about me, will not judge me listen to me abs has the experience and expertise to guide me through the process.A Life Coach.I started my coaching adventure and my life made more sense, eventually we figured out together my key drivers from there I used a great tool to uncover my passions, have clarity about was important to me. So when you are in a Cross-Road seek professional help.

3-Anchoring my Passions. Now I was clear about my top Passions and relieved I did not need to be like Mozart or Picasso, live off just one Passions, I did not need to feel I was not good enough because I couldn’t achieve something considered grand by the whole world and still feel amazing about myself and what I am meant to do in this world.I also found out that our Passions can change as we grow and evolve.

4-Choosing in Favor of my Passions, the secret of living a passionate life.
I have learned mind blowing tools to always have the clarity I need when I am looking for it.Sometimes I need a quick answer about what to do next or where to go or what to choose, and my tools come in really handy.It so relaxing, and apaising, to know that there is a simple way you can tap into your intuition connecting your heart and mind to get the answers you need.Having that peace of mind has been life changing.Ask if what you are choosing is moving closer to your Passions or further away from them ?Choose accordingly!

5-Making it happen Everything we achieve in our life starts with an Intention, then we put all our attention on manifesting the intention through massive action,and finally we let Go and let God.The formula for living a Passionate life is:IntentionAttentionNo Tension
Today I am totally connected to my Passions in work and in my life.I am connected to what is important to me and I have the tools I need to make the right choices for me and align with my highest good.In conclusion the decision of what to do with our life is a decision which all of us must make.If we don’t decide how we want to live our lives, what we want to be , do then someone else or something  else will decide for us. But if you decide to listen to your true self and live in accordance with your own values, your Passions, you will feel joy, freedom and fulfillment beyond anything you have experienced before.Never give up on finding your Passions,you are just an action away from living a meaningful joyful life.Your answers are all inside of you, they are just asking to be uncovered.There are many tools out there to choose from.The one that worked like a glove for me was the Passion exercise.

When you are ready to Discover your passions and learn the simple tools that will give you the freedom and clarity right here right now, you can connect with

Each time you say yes to the things that matter most to you, you will feel happy and empowered, in control of your own life.

Always from a place of love and Many blessing