EFT: The Emotional Freedom Technique

Cindy Fabico, MA, LMHC, EFT Practioner

Cindy Fabico, MA, LMHC, EFT Practioner

I have been Mental Health Counselor now for 7 years with my primary focus on Marriage and Relationship Counseling and Life Coaching here in Orlando, Florida.  For a long time I have felt I didn’t have an effective tool to work with my clients who were experiencing anxiety, depression, pain, anger, and panic.  I have tried many things, I got certified in Hypnotherapy but did not find that as effective as I had hoped.  I attended a week long workshop on Cognitive Behavioral methods for overcoming these symptoms with David Burns, MD the well know psychiatrist who wrote such best selling books as “The Feeling Good Handbook” and “When Panic Attacks”.  His techniques are great and I did have some success using them but I still felt there must be something better, more rapid, and which my clients could effectively use at home to reinforce our work in session.  So I continued my search.

Over the last 2 years I kept hearing about the method called “EFT-The Emotional Freedom Technique” but when I researched it my natural skepticism kicked in-this method involved “tapping” on your body while making specific statements and this just sounded too weird and far fetched for me.  But EFT kept coming into my life in various forms.  A client would ask about it, a colleague would share their positive results with it, and I would read articles about it in professional journals.

So I decided to put my toe in the water by attending a workshop for the general public on EFT.  What I observed was nothing short of amazing.  On the first weekend issues that were resolved and symptoms that were dramatically reduced by attendees included overwhelming anxiety created by real life events, pain and numbness from MS, a sense of despair and hopelessness about life in general.  But the most astonishing part was that on the second weekend the attendees were still describing the same or increased levels of improvement.  So my skepticism was over and I dove in and attended a professional training.

I have been using EFT with my clients now for about a month and I just keep getting more excited.  I can’t describe the changes I’ve observed! I cannot describe these changes here but due to confidentiality issues but my clients and I are believers.

So what is EFT?  EFT is “an emotional form of acupuncture“.  It is based on the same principals as acupuncture-that imbalances and blockages in the bodies energy system create physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.  The foundational belief in EFT is that all negative emotions are created by an imbalance in the bodies energetic systems.  By tapping on the energy meridians while making specific statements the blockages and imbalances are resolved-the negative emotions can be released, leaving room for positive emotions in the energy space that was previously filled with negative emotions.

If you are like me you will need to understand this a little bit better so I encourage you to visit www.emofree.com to learn more.  If you are interested to speaking to me about how EFT might help you call 407.832.1422or email us at lifeskillsresourcegroup@gmail.com  today to schedule your FREE Phone Consultation.

Peace, Cindy

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