Everyone Tells Us We’re the Perfect Couple

They met at work. They were young, bright and filled with enthusiasm. It was love at first sight; and the rest, as the saying goes, is history…

He’s the love of my life. She’s the one. I only want to be with him. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. He understands me. She’s always there for me. We like the same movies. She laughs at my jokes. He likes it that I’m artsy. We finish each other’s sentences. Love is beautiful. Everything that came before is forgotten.

Life begins. Our future is bright. We’re the lucky ones. Things just fall into place. Everyone tells us that we’re the perfect couple. We get married in a small, romantic little wedding chapel. We settle into a comfortable routine. Only, we’re both just secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop

Time goes by; tick, tick, tick…and before you know it…

We used to have sex all the time, now we never do.

It feels like we’re drifting apart.

He never calls if he’s going to be late.

She’s always mad at me for no good reason.

I feel like I have to lie all the time to keep the peace.

We took separate vacations this year, again.

He always stays late at work.

She’s always on the phone.

We hate to go to parties, because we can’t stand the charade of pretending to be “the happy couple.”

If we eat meals together, we hardly speak.

I think he’s having an affair.

I think she’s having an affair.

I don’t know what we ever saw in each other. We’re so completely different. He doesn’t respect me. She doesn’t ever care about what’s important to me. It’s a good thing we never had kids. She’s too busy. He’s too lazy. She spends too much money. He’s never around. I don’t know who he is anymore. She’s not the person I fell in love with. His friends are all losers. Her friends all hate me. She’s cruel. He’s selfish. We both want out, but…

Divorce is messy. Divorce is hard. Divorce is lonely. Divorce is failure. Divorce is expensive. Divorce takes forever. Divorce is forever, and nobody wins.

What do we do now?

We sleep in separate bedrooms. We hardly speak, unless it’s a fight. There’s nothing left between us that’s good. We can’t go on like this. We need help.

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