Grief: Identify, Accept, Process


Given the horrific tragedy that took place two weeks ago, I think it is very important for this weeks blog post to discuss grief.

The feeling of grief, the process of grief, and the acceptance of grieving.

I think it is also extremely important to acknowledge that not everyone grieves the same; nor should they have to. We don’t get to decide how others grieve, or if it makes sense that they are experiencing grief, or that one person’s grief is more deserving than another’s…

The focus of this post is on how to accept your own grief and how to help yourself through it.

I found a beautiful article on the importance of grief on, written by Liz Seda. Through her article, We Have a Right to Grieve Losses Big and Small, Liz opens up about her personal experience with grief; and the importance of identifying what it is exactly that you are grieving. She also elaborates on accepting your grief, and not rushing yourself through the grieving process.

Below I will provide a small excerpt from her article, but I do urge you to read her full article to learn more about her story and personal journey through the grieving process.


Go Ahead. Feel Bad About It.

When you’ve lost something, no matter how small it is, give yourself permission to feel sad. In doing that, you give yourself permission to honor said lost thing and, most importantly, to heal.

There is no healing without grief and no grief without pain.

To stop yourself from grieving because it’s against the rules or because you think it shouldn’t hurt so much leaves you emotionally stunted and numb.

Not only will you never know free, spontaneous joy, you’ll be floored when you suffer a major loss that won’t be contained by your makeshift prison.

Don’t tell yourself you’re fine when you feel grief inside your body. You’re not fine.

Don’t think that you don’t deserve to grieve. Your loss is real, and it must be honored.

Forget about what you were told about sucking it up. You can do that after you’ve mourned.

So feel it. Feel it through and through. Grieve until you feel the pain wash away from your body, revealing a stronger, wiser, and more capable you…”


To read the full article, please click here! I found this article to be a great resource for aiding in understanding the process of grief.

And, although I found this information to be extremely insightful, I also feel it’s important to acknowledge that, for many of us, sometimes just going through the motions isn’t enough. If you are feeling stuck, turn to a friend, a family member, a counselor or confidant to help you through this trying time. No matter how “big” or “small” you feel your reason for grief is… there is no reason that you need to go through it alone!

As a city, Orlando has been greatly impacted by the horrible massacre that took place on Sunday, June 12th. As a result, Life Skills Resource Group would like to extend our sincerest condolences to all of those who were, both directly and indirectly, affected by the attack that took place at Pulse nightclub.

Although there is nothing we can do to change what has already taken place, we would like to do what is within our power to help from here on out. Our counselors would like to offer free counseling services to all whom are dealing with the impact of the Pulse nightclub shooting. We believe it is important to come together as a community; especially during the aftermath of extreme hardships such as this. Our hearts, and office doors, are open to all whom have been affected and wish to seek counseling in effect of this tragic event that has taken place.

– Virginia Johnson


Are you struggling with accepting your reason for grieving, or processing your grief, or are you just interested in talking to someone about things going on in your life because you simply feel that you do not as you should? Sometimes having a partner in your journey can help. Give us a call  to set up a free phone consultation at Life Skills Resource Group Orlando at 407-355-7378, and one of our Orlando Individual Counselors, Orlando Life Coaches, Orlando Teen Counselors, and Orlando Child counselors would be more than happy to help you, a family member, or a friend work on changing your life.

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