Have a Vision, Not a Goal

Dr. Darlene Treese LPC, LMHC

In order to carry out a positive action we must first develop a positive vision”

– Dalai Lama

If you want to accomplish as much as you possibly can, the most important thing to get right is the vision. This is essentially the same as setting your GPS.  Without entering a destination, you don’t stand much chance of getting your desired result. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to correctly write goals and this can end up preventing them from success.  And actually, if you’re setting off to write a goal then you’re starting out with the wrong intent to begin with. ‘Goals’ aren’t as useful as visions – and they often guarantee your failure.

The Difference Between a Goal and a Vision

Essentially, a goal is something that you write down that is very concrete and simple. A goal may for example be to ‘lose 10lbs in two months’ and then you list actions you will take to get there. That’s a goal but it’s not as effective as a vision designed to the same end.

This same ambition posed as a vision rather than a goal would instead be the idea of being in shape. You might visualize yourself looking and feeling healthy. You might imagine yourself going for jogs on the beach and feeling great about yourself. That’s your vision.

A vision can be an image of yourself standing in a beautiful place and looking out over the world, knowing that you’re in a position of great happiness, achievement and contentment and that all you desire has already happened.  It can be imagining conversations as you share your good news.  It can be the feeling of knowing it was never a problem when you allowed your GPS to guide you through adjustments.

This is a much more abstract concept that helps you to get a picture of what you want and provides the emotion behind that goal.

Why Visions Work Better Than Goals

First, goals are not nearly flexible enough. If you have a goal, it gives you one thing you’re trying accomplish and only one idea of how to get there – and frustration when things don’t go as planned.  A vison gives you the freedom to change the steps you’re going to take to get there, or to bend them to fit your current lifestyle, plans and free time – yet always moving forward to your intended target.

Another reason visions work better is because they have more emotional content. When you visualize something, the same regions fire in your brain as though it was actually happening. This in turn means that you can actually trigger the emotion as though it were happening. And it’s this emotion we can use to motivate ourselves to follow through no matter what.  When obstacles come up, you’ll realize it’s just an indication that there’s a faster easier way and your internal GPS is just “recalculating”. 

What goals have you set that you can now turn into your vision?  Spend no more than 5 minutes a day to imagine that what you desire has already happened and feel the freedom and expansiveness.  Doing this triggers your daily coincidences and intuition to open all avenues, guide your actions and achieve whatever vision you hold without the attachment to how it must happen.  It quickly and easily takes you to the life you’ve imagined.  Thoughts become things – so only keep the good ones!

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