Hello from our newest counselor, Manijeh Sheik!

Manijeh Sheik, MS, MHCi, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

After many years of self-exploration and hard work, I am thrilled to be joining Life Skills Resource Group as a mental health counselor intern! I know my journey getting to this point wasn’t easy and I know it probably wasn’t easy for you to find me. I look forward to meeting you and walking with you on the path of healing.

Surprising to many, I have a bachelors degree in computer science. My undergraduate degree speaks to my analytical mind, an asset that has helped me along the way. However, marriage and three lovely kids later I was ready for a change and I went back to school. Life is the ultimate teacher. My life experiences combined with my desire to understand others, acquire wisdom and help others heal through compassion were the driving force as I completed a Masters in mental health counseling from Rollins College.

I was inspired every step of the way. It was as though life was driving me through the program and I just had to make the intention. I believe intention plays a large role in our lives and sometimes we don’t know what the underlying forces are that are causing us to make the choices we are making. I hope to help you uncover those underlying motivations, thoughts, fears, and aspirations to achieve your goals, heal your hurt and help you along the path of life. I use a classic psychodynamic approach combined with cognitive behavioral therapy with my clients. However, the most important tenant of my approach is unconditional positive regard for my clients and confidentiality. My experience working at Counseling and Psychological Services at the University Central Florida allowed me the privilege of working with college students. Here I learned the importance of positive regard for my students and respecting their confidentiality as many students struggled with a diverse array of issues.

My piano teacher use to tell me, ‘Slowly, but surely’ and that stuck for me. It was as though she knew that the confidence to move forward was just as important as moving forward or may be even more so. I know sometimes along the path of life we get ‘stuck’.  Hurt may manifest as anxiety and depression. You may be coping with past trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, domestic violence, mid-life, empty-nest, aging, divorce, illness and loss. I do not claim to know exactly how you feel,  but I know you are the expert on your life and I want to be there as we explore your hurt together.

There are so many things that can come out of the blue and overwhelm us to the point of inaction. I understand that coping is essential and I will help you to discover healthy ways of coping without shaming or blaming you for your current choices. We will walk this path towards self-acceptance together.

It is my honor to have met Cindy Fabico and walk into this safe space that she has created along side Amy Smith here at LSRG. This is a team of women all dedicated to facilitating healing and I feel very fortunate and blessed to be here. I hope you too will come here and be touched by this healing space. Please reach out to me at 321-430-8211 or mani39739@gmail.com to receive a free consultation, and begin your journey of healing and self-discovery. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and discussing Orlando Individual counseling, Orlando Trauma counseling, Orlando grief counseling, and Orlando divorce counseling.

~Manijeh Sheik