How creating BALANCE results in THRIVING

How creating BALANCE results in THRIVING

Cindy Fabico, MA, NCC, LMHC, LMFT

How creating BALANCE results in THRIVING

When life is in BALANCE there is a feeling of effortless flow where all things are possible. This is THRIVING!

It is so easy to lose our balance and feel overtaken by a sense that all that is possible is making it day to day. This is surviving
Balance doesn’t just happen. Balance is created by way of a concrete and achievable plan.

Here are my 6 steps to maintaining balance:

1. LISTEN to yourself and to others in a way that is kind, curious and open.  Write in a journal, spend time in meditation, seek feedback from your trusted “advisors”.

2. Stay PRESENT and allow yourself to absorb  your experience in each moment, suspending judgement. Being mindful in each moment is a skill that can be learned. 

3. Be IN YOUR BODY, attuned to its’ signals. Is your stomach clenching? Heart racing? Throat tightening? Palms sweating? Low energy? Your body’s keep the score for us, letting you know when you are moving toward imbalance, creating an opportunity to course correct and avoid a crash. The first step is learning to breathe and allowing yourself to rest.

4. Use NATURE as a source of grounding. Get outside, take a walk in the park, eat your lunch outside, spend time near water, take off your shoes and feel the ground beneath you. Just get outside! Nature reminds us that the beauty and wonder of life is ever present. 

5. Develop authentic CONNECTIONS with a community of people who share similar values. Create shared experiences that include time for fun,  adventure, and supporting one another when one person’s plate becomes overloaded by unexpected life events. 

6. Learn to say NO! When you don’t take the time to evaluate prior to committing to an activity, event or project you can suddenly, and seemingly without warning, find yourself overwhelmed with commitments and holding resentments. 

THRIVING is a result of giving yourself the gift of a balanced life and pays dividends to all you meet. 

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