I’m always exhausted…Why?

Let go of exhaustion

Let go of exhaustion

Ever have a week where it feels like no matter how much sleep you get, you are still completely exhausted? It happens to us from time to time, more for some individuals. We can often get stuck in a place of complacency when we  are comfortable with our routine, so we do not take steps to make any changes – Making changes would cause a lack of routine and that is something we tend to put on the backburner.

Anytime I have googled reasons for being so exhausted, I always find that I stumble upon foods to change how one feels. Yes, this may be part of the exhaustion, but it is not always the whole reason. I found that when I only find articles describing ways to change my eating habits, I wonder where the articles are that inform me of how I got here. As creatures of habit (and routine), I believe in order to change, one must understand what led us to the behavior. How can I truly make long lasting change without knowing the underlying cause.

After searching the internet for articles on exhaustion, I finally found Amita Patel’s article “7 reasons you’re exhausted all the time” (YAY!) Check out her 7 reasons below and see if you can spot similarities in your life.

Prioritize yourself.

Prioritize yourself.

  1. Your relationships suck

Most likely you don’t need to get rid or change all of your relationships. However, you probably are dedicating too much to with individuals who are not benefiting you. Maybe you even know that you feel stuck or dragged down by negative influences around you. Try setting boundaries and spending time apart from these individuals. You do not need to end the relationship, but you should modify it.

  1. You’re not fulfilled

Finding meaning in your job, relationships, alone time, etc. is essential for everyone. We must have some sort of meaning in our daily lives or else we find ourselves completely unhappy and needing a big life change. Challenging yourself is a great way to start – whether it is something small like donating to your favorite cause or helping strangers.

  1. You don’t make time for the good stuff

Everyone needs fun and happiness in their life. There is only so much work that we can handle before it takes a large toll on your life. Make sure to prioritize time for fun, happy activities throughout the week. Allowing yourself this time will not only help you feel rejuvenated but also can reduce your stress and enhance your outlook on life.

  1. You work hard, not smart

Setting goals at work allows you to complete your tasks at hand, effectively and efficiently. Pick the three things you MUST accomplish for the day and prioritize them. Anything you do after that is extra credit.

  1. You don’t have goals

People with a sense of purpose and direction are often the most energized I know. If you feel like you don’t have direction, it may be because (1) The familiarity of playing small and following “the rules,” makes finding a goal overwhelming. (2) You don’t feel like you’re worth it or you’re scared of disappointing yourself or others. (3) You aren’t ready to fully take responsibility for the role you’ve played in your life. To figure out an energizing goal, start asking yourself these tough, but inspiring, questions:

  • What would I be happy to do and never get paid for?
  • What excites me?
  • What gift or experience do I want to share with others?
  1. You’re using willpower instead of motivation

Consider this equation: Goals – Motivation = Exhaustion. If you aren’t motivated, you won’t take action towards your goal leaving you exhausted.  Find compelling, dramatic, and motivating reasons to achieve your goal.

  1. You don’t prioritize self-care

We all have no problem finding and prioritizing time for our work, family, significant other, and even Netflix. But what about sleep and time for self-care? You need to schedule quality time for these things in order to truly enjoy all the other activities.

If you are always exhausted and not sure why, it may be time to prioritize yourself. It can be helpful to have someone along for the ride in this search and adjustment period. If you would like to have a companion, give us a call at Life Skills Resource Group Orlando at 407-355-7378 to schedule a free phone consultation with one of our Orlando Individual Counselors. Whether it is focusing on your relationships, your goals in life, or setting aside time for self-care, we are all capable of ending our exhaustion and begin to thrive in life.


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