Increasing your Self-Love


It can be hard for some of us to remember to show ourselves the same, or even more, amount of love we show those around us. Appreciating ourselves can be a difficult task, especially in a world where we are so easy to criticize our mistakes. While you may feel that you like yourself as much as the other person, you may still find yourself having self-doubt or even self-hatred at times. Maybe you didn’t do as well on the presentation you had, or feel you don’t look as good as you want in an outfit you try on. We all have times in our lives, some more frequent than others, where we think, say, or believe negative things about ourselves.

Now is the time to start changing that! Self-love directly relates to your self-esteem and confidence, something everyone can benefit from. Self-love also increases one’s resilience and your ability to cope with change, whether it be good or bad. And when you increase self-love, you are also able to overcome any shame you have. Shame, unfortunately, is something most of us have and it is toxic! It can overcome our lives and create a black cloud that causes us to not be our true selves. So when you increase self-love, you decrease shame and that also decreases your anxiety and stress levels helping you feel better overall.

TinyBuddha had a challenge a few months back that included “A Powerful Self-Love Practice: 8 Notes of Appreciation” by Julia Travers. These 8 notes are for yourself , and meant to help you increase your self-love. Really what these notes do, is they allow you to take a second and breathe when you are having fear, self-doubt, anger, or any negative thoughts. They also allow you to let go of what you’re feeling.


“Here are eight notes to yourself showing self-appreciation:

  1. Thank you for being here today. Thank you for looking for beauty around you. You’re good at that.
  2. Hey, sometimes it’s not so easy; sometimes it’s overwhelming, and that’s okay, it’s no failing of yours. It’s okay to take a break. Thanks for letting me know when you need a break.
  3. Thank you for having a range of feelings for me to experience and learn from.
  4. Thank you for walking the earth; just like the trees and the ocean, you are here, natural in the world. If you need to reconnect, go see a tree or a body of water for a minute.
  5. Thank you, body, for being my home.
  6. I give you a hug. I thank you today for being my friend.
  7. You don’t have to be perfect for me to love you. I love being you and I am proud to be you. Thanks for being the one and only you.
  8. Forgiveness is hard, and it’s okay to not have it down perfectly. Thank you for caring about yourself and others; that’s what is most important.”

Remember, that even though difficult feelings like fear, anger, and self-doubt may be inevitable, it is okay to not always be on your A game. Remind yourself of all the good things you have and will continue to do.

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