Cindy Fabico MA Licensed Mental Health Counselor Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Why does this meme tickle us so?

Contrasting a

Bank Robber



all contained in 3 concentric circles where the stark difference between words and meaning are elucidated (fancy word right ).

What a lesson we can take from something so simple.

Recently I have noticed a theme in my sessions and I’m in a quandary about whether it’s me or don’t people realize if they just keep trying life really will get better …. and it will get worse.

It really SEEMS that simple.

The key  to all of it is to become aware of how emotion hijacks consciousness at the instant it happens, thereby overriding the amygdala and igniting the cerebral cortex. (Wow this sounds smart, I guess the universe is reminding me I have something important to share 🤷‍♀️)

Once the cerebral cortex comes “on-line” we can slow down and process a decision.

Why am I talking about brain 🧠 science when just a minute ago I seemed to be talking about how context affects our understanding.

That is because if we don’t seek to understand the construct from which a statement is made, we can guarantee an almost instantaneous REACTION.

Reactivity to others is based on OUR STORY about what words mean.

Responsive is stepping away from instinctual emotion (anger, fear, bewilderment) toward an emotion based on your new understanding of what the statements means to sender.

Which gets me back to my initial observation that people want to feel better and come in to feel better and go back to doing what they have been doing.

I know you got this now!

Why is that? It is because they are letting their emotion stay in control and because the EGO will fight hard to have his point validated.

It is incumbent on us to catch the reactions.

Dedicated and consistent effort is the key.

It really is that SIMPLE

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