Lisa Dion, MA, LPC , RPT-S: Stop ‘shoulding’ yourself

Lisa Dion, MA, LPC , RPT-S: Stop ‘shoulding’ yourself

This audio clip, “stop ‘shoulding’ yourself” is from one of Lisa’s presentations at a Play Therapy Conference. Below is an excerpt from Lisa’s website,, on the benefits of when one stops “shoulding” themselves.

“People are bombarded by millions of messages everyday about how to create the perfect life and what is “normal”, but unfortunately, much of what is taught in the mental health and self-development field is based on  false beliefs about how people “should” work and what health “should” look like?

Helping clients learn a radically different approach to why they create the life experiences that they do.  This gives clients insights and practical tools that help free them from many of the cultural myths and the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck, powerless, and dissatisfied.”

Take a few minutes to listen to this and see how you can start making changes in your life and beliefs .

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