Living Mindfully!

I have found that one of the greatest things I can help my clients with is how to live mindfully – fully embracing the present moment and using the experiences around them for grounding. By fostering a mindful approach to the world, we increase our appreciation for everyday beauty and become less activated by distressing moments. To this end, I find that our bodies have an innate ability to bring us into full contact IF we are willing to dial into our sensory experiences.
This upcoming weekend, members of the LSRG team will be attending a Natural Wellness Fair in College Park. In the spirit of this, I thought I would debut some of the things we’ll be show casing. I am going to outline some ideas here, and hopefully you’ll join us this weekend and be inspired to incorporate some of these into your own life:
  • Touch: Our bodies are constantly working to support us. Try noticing the sensation of the clothes on your skin, the support provided by your chair, the ground beneath your feet rooting you, OR try walking barefoot in the grass. Appreciating the natural world is a great way to manage anxiety and depression!
  • Taste: Mindful eating is the practice of becoming aware of the flavors of our food, the feel of it on our tongues, the experience of crunching fresh vegetables in our teeth, the sensations it evokes in our bodies as we enjoy our favorite foods! Not only does it make eating a pleasant experience, it also helps to change our relationship to food which is often helpful in a world which is constantly valuing appearance and critical of what we put in our bodies.
  • Smell: I am a big fan of essential oils and usually diffuse them in my office. Smell is strongly associated with memory and a pleasant smell can help evoke relaxation in the present moment. If you don’t have the option of diffusing – try getting an oil roller or mister and dilute your favorite scent with the appropriate carrier oil! Another great alternative it to take a mason jar, put a couple of cotton balls at the bottom with a few drops of your favorite oil. With the lid on, the smell will last you awhile and can be a little escape on stressful work day without the glaring eye of colleagues who may not share you appreciation for aromatherapy!
  • Sound: Everyone needs a rocking play list! Make sure you have songs that pump you up and get you excited to tackle the day! Plus, have a second play list that helps you stay focused when you are working on a project. Maybe add a third playlist for when you need to relax! Get creative – there really is no wrong way to use music. If music isn’t possible – try closing your eyes and noticing the sounds around you. As I type this, I am aware of the clicking of the keys, the humming of my little space heater, the soft drone of the white noise machine, and the opening and closing of desk drawers in neighboring offices. That simple exercise helps keep me grounded in my present moment and allows me to manage future worries and past pains!
  • Sight: In general, it is a good eye-dea (see what I did there) to take a moment to look away from all the screens around us – computer, phone, TV, tablets, etc. Try noticing the plethora of colors around you – what do these colors evoke, are they attached to any memories, do you have a favorite color you can bring into your everyday life? Maybe keep a coloring book on hand with a handful of crayons, markers, or pencils; you can create your own masterpiece in no time!
Remember, these are just some ideas to get the ball rolling and this list is most certainly not exhaustive! I tried to include options which have worked for me or ideas which my clients have found rewarding. For you, grounding might look a little different! Make sure to discuss it with one of our therapists or stop by and see us on Saturday! Need more details about the event – reach out to our office! We have tons of flyers and will gladly provide details!
If you are having trouble incorporating a daily mindfulness practice or just need someone to talk to, the skilled therapists and life coaches at Life Skills Resource Group are here to help. Call for a FREE phone consultation: (407)355-7378



Daniel Garner-Quintero, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor