Right now it is hard to not know that Valentine’s day is around the corner. The commercials on TV focus on happy couples receiving gifts. Radio ads ask you to buy the person you love flowers. You may hear your friends at work talking about their plans for Valentine’s day dinner. While it is supposed to be a happy time, if you are single or unhappy in your relationship, it is likely that you may not find much to celebrate on Valentine’s day.

Maybe you have been unknowingly sending out the wrong signals to prospective partners. Sometimes our own insecurities can show to the outside world. We may feel depressed because we are alone on a holiday such as Valentine’s day. Have you ever thought about giving yourself a gift for Valentine’s day? Not a pedicure, or a box of chocolates, but the gift of understanding yourself more fully with a relationship with one of the Orlando Counselors at Life Skills Resource Group. Work as a team with one of our Orlando therapists, and discover what relationship “booby traps” you may have been setting for yourself over the years.  Overwhelming insecurity or jealousy can destroy the most solid of relationships. Discover what you can change about your beliefs that can lead to healthier partnerships in the future.

You might be in a relationship right now, that is comfortable and easy. The passion that you had in the beginning has faded, and you are unsure of where to go. Going to Couple’s Counseling can give you a safe place to let your partner know how you feel, and give you both a stronger foundation to build from! Our Orlando Couple’s Therapists, Cindy, Carma, Yolanda, and Maribel at Life Skills Resource Group will be able to help you both to explore your feelings and develop a future in your relationship.

If this February 14th is not everything you wanted it to be, you can do something to make your future V-Day’s happier! Loving yourself is the best gift that you can receive for the holiday, and with a Life Skills Resource Group Orlando Counselor’s assistance you can gain a better relationship with yourself this year.  Visit the OUR TEAM page to read about our Orlando Counseling Professionals and then call today for your FREE phone consultation.

Jessica Stage, MSW


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