Meet Dr. Darlene Treese

Dr. Darlene Treese

Warm greetings to all!!
I’m Dr. Darlene Treese (known as “Dr. Dar”), and I’m very proud to be associated with Life Skills Resource Group here in Orlando. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education, a master’s degree in counseling and a PhD in psychology. I’ve been in private practice in hypnotherapy, counseling and life coaching since 1983 and have had offices in Arizona, Virginia and most recently Tallahassee. I’m licensed as both as an LMHC and LPC and am Past President of the American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association.
People often ask how I got into the field of hypnosis. My career began in education and I’ve taught everything from Pre-K through post-graduate classes. I found that often I was doing more counseling than teaching, for learning is difficult when the mind and emotions are in turmoil. I decided then to get more training and earned a master’s degree in counseling. I spent a lot of time working with biofeedback and stress management techniques, and loved the results that clients got while they were in the calm of my office. However, I was puzzled as to how to help them better carry this into the chaos of living. It was then that I was encouraged by MD colleagues to focus on hypnotherapy while earning my PhD in psychology, for hypnosis teaches the person to use their body as the biofeedback mechanism. I have closely aligned my practice as an adjunct to the traditional medical treatments that clients are receiving.
Physicians often refer patients who want to stop smoking, lose weight, alleviate stress and lower blood pressure; as well as those suffering from fibromyalgia, IBS, BDD, chronic pain, migraines and tension headaches, allergies, and cancer. Hypnosis is wonderful for pre-operation and pre-childbirth treatment to allay fears, reduce discomfort, and speed healing. Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Deepak Chopra both recommend that people seek and establish a relationship with a qualified hypnotherapist while they are healthy, so that they are well-prepared for a quick recovery when illness or injuries occur. It’s been reported that over 75% of visits to the doctor are stress-related, so hypnosis may also be one of your first lines of preventative care as well.
In addition to physical concerns, I work with clients to help them get over fears/phobias and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that impede success and well-being. This can include anything from becoming a better public speaker or test taker to improving sports performance. I truly believe that we all can achieve peak performance by choice rather than by chance and that we have far greater powers and abilities than what we typically use. Together, we can release you from whatever is holding you back and allow you the opportunity to live the life you truly desire.
The most important thing to know is that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I am not doing anything to you or for you, but I am guiding and teaching you how to use your subconscious mind to create the results that you desire and remove those blocks or obstacles that are getting in your way. Thoughts are things, and what we think about comes about. Everything that exists was first a thought or idea that was then supported by action to make it a reality. Your goal achievement – whether it’s to have more confidence or better health, or taking a few strokes off your golf score – begins in the subconscious mind. You can find more information about my background, philosophy, services, CDs, mp3s and e-books at my website – Contact me at or call me at 480-296-3358 with your questions and let me know how I can be of service to you. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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